Recovery hylki  200 stk.
Recovery hylki  200 stk.
Recovery hylki  200 stk.

Recovery hylki 200 stk.

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Get back in the game faster with Recovery. Containing the 12 most important amino acids instantized for immediate use, this unique formula is designed to stonewall the breakdown of muscle tissue and delay physical and mental fatigue. Pharmaceutical grade essential amino acids and nitrogen transporters provide faster recovery times, increase energy, and reinforce the immune system.
  • THE AMINO ACID KEY - BCAAs, EAA's, AKG's, and more make up the 12 amino acids in Recovery to provide significant muscle regeneration.
  • ENHANCES YOUR PERFORMANCE - Prevent catabolism,  increase strength and stamina, and maintain muscle growth to stay healthy and active.
  • UNIQUELY FORMULATED FOR THE EVERYDAY -  Safe for all ages and all stages of training.
  • Banned Substance Free.